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Our company is family owned and operated. Weicor stands for Weiss Corporation. We have operated offices in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Ohio, California, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and overseas in the Azores, Germany, South Korea, Philippines, Okinawa Japan and mainland Japan. We are now located in Colorado.

Weicor, LLC has had many Divisions over the years which include; Specialty Photos, Speciality Photography, JD Enterprises, Gunbrass, Interconnect, Interconnect Agency and others. There are now many companies using our division names for their own business activities. They have NO connection with us, unless they say "Division of Weicor", "Division of Weicor, LLC", or display our logo. We continue to operate several divisions, including and not limited to the names above.


We have sold a variety of products and services over the years and now focus CCW & Firearms Training, Photography, Home & Business Inventory Documentation Service, Landloard/Tenant Protection Plans, Asset Recovery Service, Web hosting and others.

Our purebred German Shepherd Bullet, started having medical problems when she was 4 1/2 years old. She was acting like an old dog due to back problems, so the vet prescribed Arthrix, which made a very big difference in her health. Now, she is acting her age and wants to play all the time. Because of this, we became authorized to sell and highly recommend these amazing Kala Health Animal Health Products

Customer Service

It seems to us that in most companies, customer service doesn't exist. They treat it like something that is out dated and a thing of the past. You hardly ever see it anymore and when you do, what you get is not worth the the time you spent waiting in line, or on the phone.

We still believe in and practice what we like to call, "Old Fashioned Customer Service" and we always treat our clients and customers like we want to be treated. We tailor our services to fit your needs and if there is a problem, we work with you to find a solution. Your personal information is safeguarded and will NEVER be given to anyone without your written permission! Please view our Company & Privacy Policy for information on how we protect your privacy and other information pertaining to our company.

Information about our Founder, President and photographer.