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Animal Health Products

Our purebred German Shepherd Bullet, started having medical problems in 2007 when she was 4 years old. She didn't want to play very much, was acting like an old dog and her tail was hanging straight down with little or no movement. My Veterinarian prescribed ARTHRIX®, which made a very big difference in her health. Within a few months after starting ARTHRIX®, she was feeling better, acting her age, wants to play all the time and is ready to go somewhere with me whenever I ask. Now, she gets one (1) tablet twice a day and is doing fine. Her tail is up and wagging all the time.

Because of this beneficial change in her health, we became authorized to sell and highly recommend these amazing Kala Health Animal Health Products for your pets. Kala Health has many other fine pet health products in addition to those is shown below. Please purchase and let your pet try them. They will enjoy a less painful life and love you even more. Bullet LOVES the taste of her ARTHRIX® and eats it out of my hand.

ARTHRIX® for Dogs & Cats: Imagine your Dog Jumping Like a Puppy or your Cat Climbing Like a Kitten Again...

ARTHRIX® for Dogs: Veterinary Strength ARTHRIX® Advanced Supplement Designed for Older Dogs who Need Extra Relief of Age Related Discomforts

Powerful Joint Support in Chewable Tablets Containing MSM, Glucosamine, Ester-C, Cetyl Myristoleate and Trace Minerals