You can be a New Discoveries Model!

10 reasons to join the IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM

    1. Freelance modeling is glamorous and fun.
    2. You will meet interesting peole and have great experiances.
    3. You will impress your friends.
    4. You will be respected by your peers.
    5. No experiance or training is required.
    6. Anyone can be a model: male, female, young, old, even infants.
    7. You do not have to be any particular size, height, weight, or build.
    8. You can pursue your freelance modeling career part time or full time at any pace you choose.
    9. You don't have to leave your current job to get started.
    10. As a freelance model, you work for yourself. You make money as your own boss, working the hours you wish and the pay you wish.


IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES is a program for aspiring and successful freelance models. It provides it's models with the affiliation and back-up necessary to succeed as a freelancer.


    IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM regularly publishes it's models on the internet which is accessible to anyone who would hire models. Models may also be promoted through Today's Photographer magazine and other books and videos published by American Image Press.


    IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES models are invited to participate in the recognition and attention getting programs that advertise your affiliation with the IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM. This sets you apart from other aspiring models and gives you instant recognition and credibility.

Here's what IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM Model Carrie Platt of Riverside, Mo. says about the IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM:

    "Since I have become a member of the IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM, new doors have opened to me. People seem to pay more attention to you when you tell them you belong to the IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM. I think it is very important for everyone to know that you can be a sucessfull freelance model without spending a lot of money on things like modeling schools. With IFPO NEW DISCOVERIES PROGRAM and with a Model Consultant, it makes it much easier and a lot more exciting."


You already have the most important ingredients to be a successful model: a fresh new face, figure and the desire to succeed. The second thing you need is a way to get started; a way to break the ice. This is where your Model Consultant can assist you.

Your Model Consultant is available to help you plan your portfolio and give you the important practice and experiance you need in front of a camera.


JD Weiss, your IFPO authorized Model Consultant is ready to help, advise and serve you. DON'T DELAY! Please contact us for information on how YOU can become a New Discoveries Model and to schedule an appointment.

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