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Political Statement

JD Weiss for President

What happened to, "Of the People, By the People and For the People?"

Paid for by friends of JD Weiss for President


Leave the clock on summer hours and NEVER change it again!

Why should everyone be inconvenienced for the benifit of a few people?

There are many lame reasons why we continue to change the clock twice each year. Here are three of them.

Lame reason number one:

    - The main lame reason is for the kids, so they don't go to school in the dark.
      + The schools can change their hours during the winter months if they don't want the kids going there in the dark.

Lame reason number two:

    - Farmers and ranchers.
      + Most get up at dawn anyway, there is no reason to change the time for them.

Lame reason number three:

    - Golfers and other sporting events.
      + They can adjust their hours of operation if they want to start at dawn.

Again we ask,

Why should everyone be inconvenienced for the benifit of a few people?

We would rather have the extra day light in the afternoon when we get off work, then in the morning!

This space paid for by the people who are sick and tired of the time change and no day light after work.