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JD Weiss for President!

What happened to, "Of the People, By the People and For the People?"

A vote for JD is a vote to return the United States of America to the American people!

I'm a normal working person like you. I'm a conservative and I believe in smaller government and less government intrusion in the lives of American citizens. I'm Pro-gun and Anti-crime. I believe those sitting on death row wasting your tax dollars need to be put to death within a reasonable time, NOT years later! I do NOT believe in "Political Correctness!"

The security and safety of the United States of America comes first! As your President, in order to ensure the safety of our nation and every Man, Woman and Child legally here, my first order of business will close and secure our nations borders. The border patrol and Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be directed to enforce our immigration laws and prevent illegal entry into our great nation.

My second order of business will give Law Enforcement and ICE full authority and support to round up and deport ALL illegal aliens! And I mean every single one of them! NO AMNESTY! I don't care who they are, if they are here illegally, they MUST get their immigration paperwork in order, or go back to where ever they came from!

My third order of business will make English the "OFFICIAL" language of the United States of America. We will no longer cater to those who refuse to learn it, or assimilate into our culture. There will no longer be multiple languages on signs, government documents, buildings or any thing else with very few exceptions such as International airports and ports of entry. We should not have to, "Press 1 for English" when speaking on the telephone! Radio and television broadcast stations located within the borders of the United States and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should not be allowed to broadcast in any language but English.

I will impose massive fines on companies and anyone who employ's illegal aliens and home owners who rent to them. We need to bring our jobs back to America and it will no longer pay for companies to manufacture items outside the United States at a lower wage as I will impose heavy importation taxes on them. It is in the best interest of America to bring these jobs back home and employ Americans! American jobs, for American citizens!

Welfare as you know it today must be changed. Yes, there are some people who need assistance, but only for a short time and on a case by case basis. Welfare will no longer be a way of life for generation after generation, after generation as the eligibility requirements and program will drastically change! People collecting welfare NEED to get a job! You, the taxpayers, should not have to pay to support some "dead beat" that is getting fat on your money and is too lazy to work. Many of the so-called social programs which are a drain on the American taxpayer, will be reformed, or cease to exist. The government "Cash Cow" nipple has to dry up! People MUST take responsibility and support themselves, which is the American way and the foundation of the American Principle. American taxpayers will NO longer provide support from cradle to grave! Free medical for the Illegal aliens must stop! The cost of medical treatment is getting more and more expensive because we Americans are being charged for every dollar that isn't collected from the Illegal aliens, which is bankrupting the American system.

Closing the borders and deporting the Illegal aliens will be expensive, but the savings in welfare, free medical and social programs will pay for it in the first year. Yes, it will take some time to implement and deport the illegal aliens, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Socialized medical programs do NOT work and will bankrupt America! We must put in place controls to keep the cost of medical treatments down so they are affordable.

As much as I would like to, I can't promise "No new taxes", because we don't know what tomorrow will bring. However, I can promise I will do everything in my power to reduce the taxes you pay. I'm against the death tax. I believe it is unlawful and I want to abolish all unfair and unnecessary taxation! In reality, I'm against any tax, but some are necessary. However that being said, everyone should pay their fair share and NOT one penny more, or one penny less. The government has gotten too big for its britches and needs to go on a diet. From my experience, I've seen five people in the same federal government office doing the same job, where only one or two is all that's needed. This is a total waste of your tax dollars that could be used for something more important. The US government needs to be made smaller, NOT bigger!

ALL politicians need term limits. We MUST to put an end to lifetime positions and appointments! Some of our politicians have been in office so long, they have become feeble minded and have forgotten why they were elected and the job they were elected to do. They should represent the people, NOT their own personal interests or agendas. Our laws must be changed to prevent the adding of "Pork" to bills and to allow the removal from office, any politician who is willfully negating their oath of office, which is to "Serve the people."

Americans are fed up and disgusted with the crime, lawlessness, drugs, gangs and gang want-a-be thugs invading our cities and neighborhoods. Law Enforcement MUST be empowered to enforce our laws and take steps to eliminate these degenerates from our streets and make our communities a safe place to live, work and play. If need be, we will build new prisons to prevent overcrowding. Inmates will no longer have access to televisions, radios, prison libraries and other amenities because they are there for punishment, NOT a vacation. As far as I'm concerned, criminals have no rights! They lost them when they were convicted of the crime. The bleeding hearts will not agree, but once convicted and sentenced, criminals should be treated like the scum they are. They should pay for their own food, clothing and medical needs by performing labor within the prison system and cleaning our highways like the old chain gangs. Why should the American taxpayer pay for criminals to lounge around enjoying TV or books, etc? People in prison have better health care and are living and eating better then a lot of law-abiding citizens at tax-payer expense. Criminals on death row should be executed no later then one-year after conviction, NOT 20, 30 or more years later! The appeals system MUST be changed to limit them to 1 or 2 appeals only and should NOT be allowed to be dragged on. Appeals must be made within the first three months of incarceration following sentencing. When the process is finished, they must be immediately put to death if an appeal is not approved! Prison has become a way of life for many criminals because they have it to easy. This MUST be changed! We must make the fear of incarceration and imprisonment mean something again! The bleeding heart liberals must be told we are not going to put up with their namby-pamby coddling ways any more. If the criminals did the crime, they can do the time. HARD TIME! We're taking our neighborhoods, towns, cities and our country back! If I were a Judge, I would probably be known as the "Hanging Judge," because the only way to take America back from the criminals is to hand out the stiffest sentence allowed by the law. Our current system of parole must be changed to prevent the release of someone who will revert back to his or her criminal ways and our sentencing must be made more apropos to the original crime.

I will reform Social Security, see it is properly funded and return it to what it was originally intended for. To many people are collecting social security who have never paid anything into it nor have a right to it, which is draining it away. Something MUST be done to ensure that only those who have paid into it and deserve it, will collect.

In my research, I find most Americans want the United States out of the United Nations and the United Nations out of the United States. If this is true, I'll do everything in my power to make it happen. There are many thugs and criminals in the UN with a complete disregard of the law and human rights, who are claiming "Diplomatic Immunity." Just the cost of UN unpaid parking tickets alone in New York City is staggering. America will NOT bow down to, or comply with this subversive, communistic anti-America organization!

I fully support the men and women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, past, present and future, many of which are living at or below the poverty level. Our active duty and retired military deserves a very LARGE pay raise and I'll do everything in my power to see they get it! As Commander in Chief (CIC), I will make sure the military has the support, training, tools and equipment needed to do their job at the best of their ability at all times, in whatever situation or place they find themselves! I'll bring them home when they finish the job they were sent to do and not one minute sooner! All of our Veterans gave some and some of our Veterans gave all. Because of this, they deserve the very best medical care and treatment we can provide! They also deserve the respect of every American. If it wasn't for our Veterans, past and present, you would not have the freedoms our current government is trying to obliterate. We need to build up and maintain our military at a point where we are ready and able to defend our country and aid our allies at a moments notice, whenever and where ever the need arises.

The Namby-Pamby bleeding-hearts will accuse me of having radical ideas; in all truth, nothing else seems to be working. So maybe it's time for some radical ideas to save America and return it to the American people! The United States of America and Americans need not and should not apologize for anything we do, or have done, except for some of the people we have recently elected, or re-elected to office that have become a major embarrassment and a traitor to our country and to America's Founding Father's ideology! America has given the world far more then it has received.

American Citizens, tell me what you think needs to be done to return America to the way it was, the most respected country in the world! If elected as your President, I work for YOU, the American People, NOT the special interest groups and it is my job to do whatever I can to make and keep the United States of America the best country in the world! If we don't take our country back, it is well on the way to becoming just another third world slum!

Donations are being accepted. Contact us for information on how you can donate to elect JD Weiss as President.

    Endorsed by Claudia Turner VanLydegraf (Marquis Who's Who in the world Biography) and many others.

      This space paid for by JD Weiss.