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Photo Gallery

All pictures from our Photo Gallery are custom printed on your choice of paper size and finish.
Photo paper finish choices: Glossy, Semi-gloss and Matte.

Price *


Shipping **

5 x 7 inches $15.00 [T] .......... $0.01 - $12.00 = $5.50
8 x 10 inches $20.00 [T] .......... $12.01 - $25.00 = $7.00
8.5 x 11 inches $25.00 [T] .......... $25.01 - $100.00 = $8.50
9 x 12 inches $30.00 [T] .......... $100.01 - $200.00 = $12.50
11 x 14 inches $40.00 [T] .......... $200.01 - And Up = $25.00
11 x 17 inches $50.00 [T]
12 x 18 inches $60.00 [T]
13 x 19 inches $70.00 [T]

Contact us for pricing on larger sizes (up to 36 x 48 inches) and special orders

* Price is for pictures only. Does NOT include frame or matting.
** Shipping includes packaging, Return Receipt and tracking number.
[T] Taxable for orders purchased in, or for delivery to a Nevada address.

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Prices vary according to the photographic session, location and package arrangement the model selects.

Basic sitting fee $25

IFPO New Discoveries Program Membership

    Initial enrollment $40
        Your name will be listed on the New Discoveries web site and you will receive a New Discoveries Kit, which includes a membership certificate, I.D. card and a copy of "How to Become a Successsfull Model".
    Annual renewals $30

Publishing your Photographs on the New Discoveries web site

    Setup fees
      1 photograph $40
      2 photographs $60
      3 photographs $80
      4 photographs $95
      5 or more photographs call for price

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Special Photographs

Glamour, Boudoir, Figure, Private or Special

    Fee: $100 per hour at the location of your choosing.
    Driving time: Outside the Reno, Sparks area add $25 per hour of driving one way.

    Call for additional information

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Landlord/Tenant Photo Protection Plan for Rental Properties

Apartment or House (1 hour minimum): $25 hour

Business and warehouses (1 hour minimum): $50 hour

    If the apartment, house, business or warehouse is furnished, Inventory prices apply

Driving time: Outside the Reno, Sparks area add $25 per hour of driving one way.

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Home & Business Inventory Documentation Service

Photo Documentation of your possessions

    Apartment *

    Studio $100
    1 bedroom $125
    Add $100 for each additional bedroom.
    * If the outside of an apartment is photographed, the house rate applies.
    Exception: Outside entrance and porch photographs included in package.


    1 bedroom $150
    Add $100 for each additional bedroom.

    1 car Garage$25
    Add $10 for each additional stall

Above price is for one location only and is based on one (1) hour per bedroom. Garage price is based on 15 minutes per stall.

Example: A three bedroom apartment or house allows up to 3 hours for the entire inventory. A two car garage (2 stalls) allows the addition of up to 30 minuets to the inventory if the contents are photographed.

Additional time over the allowed time for an apartment, house, or garage and additional sites such as storage units for the same inventory are at the hourly rate below.

Home Office rooms, Dens or other such areas are considered the same as a bedroom for pricing.

    Express Inventory. Price is per room documented: $50
    Additional inventory time or location (apartment/house inventory only): $50 hour
    Home Office, Dens and other such rooms (apartment/house inventory only): $100
    Attics (apartment/house inventory only): $100
    Basements (apartment/house inventory only): $200
    Vehicles (cars, boats, motercycles, etc.): $25 each
    RV's (One bedroom house rate applies if interior photographed): $35 each
    Annual Inventory Update (Includes: 1 hour plus new reports & Data CD) : $100 [$25 is T]
    Estates/Ranches/Farms. Two hour minimum: $75 hour
    Business Inventory Documentation. Two hour minimum: $100 hour
    New Construction/Remodels. One hour minimum: $75 hour
    Collections, Large or small and one of a kind items. One hour minimum: $50 hour
    Replacement Copies of Data Disks and Reports : $25 [T]
    Replacement Copy of the Complete Home Journal - Protection Plus software : $25 [T]
    Individual 4 x 6 inch property inventory prints (optional) : 50¢ each [T]
    Driving time: Outside the Reno, Sparks area add $25 per hour of driving one way.

    [T] According to the Nevada State Department of Taxation; The data disk, optional 4 x 6 photo prints, reports and program disk are Taxable. The Inventory service is NOT taxable.

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Commercial Photographs

All photography is at your location, or location of your choosing. One hour minimum.

    $100 per hour during normal busines hours (9-5 M-F)
    $125 per hour after normal business hours
    $200 per hour weekends and holidays
    Driving time: Outside the Reno, Sparks area add $25 per hour of driving one way.

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Secure Safe Storage of Digital Photos

Photos taken by us

    1 year contract $25

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Website Hosting & Design


Web Site Hosting Plans

Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Monthly $6.50 Monthly $8.15 Monthly $10.50
Quarterly $17.55 10% discount
($5.85per month)

Quarterly $22.02 10% discount
($7.34 per month)

Quarterly $28.35 10% discount
($9.45 per month)

Annual $62.40 20% discount
($5.20 per month)
Annual $78.24 20% discount
($6.52 per month)
Annual $100.80 20% discount
($8.40 per month)
2 years $109.20 30% discount
($4.55 per month)
2 years $137.04 30% discount
($5.71 per month)
2 years $176.40 30% discount
($7.35 per month)

    Additional Bandwidth $0.40 per GB or $4.00 for 10 GB per month
    Additional Disk Space $0.10 per MB per month
    Optional Dedicated IP address $7.00 per month per IP

You may upgrade plans at any time.

Web Site Design:

Design: *

    Up to 3 page web site$25
    Each additional page$2

* The above price is for simple designs. Prices increase for advanced and complex designs.

Site Maintenance: **

    If you want us to keep your web site on line content up to date

      Websites we design and/or host
        Data changes every 3 months or less$5 per month.
        Data changes once or twice a month$10 per month.
        Data changes weekly$50 per month.
        Data changes daily$100 per month.

      Websites we design and do not host

        Data changes every 3 months or less$10 per month.
        Data changes once or twice a month$15 per month.
        Data changes weekly$75 per month.
        Data changes daily$125 per month.

      Your established site not hosted by us

        Data changes every 3 months or less$15 per month.
        Data changes once or twice a month$25 per month.
        Data changes weekly$100 per month.
        Data changes daily$150 per month.

      ** Maintenance charges are in addition to hosting charges if we host your web site.
      You must provide the information to be updated

      Additional information and price will be posted soon

      Price subject to change

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Visit the Nevada Universal Life Church Weddings page for ceremony information and prices.

Due to "Bridezilla", wedding photography has been removed from our services until further notice.

Nevada residents pay 7.375% sales tax (Reno, Washoe County tax rate)

Note: We reserve the right to change our prices and services at any time. Estimates are valid for 30 days from date issued.

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