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This page is for you! It contains testimonials from people like you, who have purchased our products or used our services. If you would like us to show your testimonial, please read our company policy on your privacy, then send us your testimonial. Please limit them to about 200 words or less.

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Firearms Training

  • M, B, J and L, Nevada: JD, We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your class. We all were a little nervous not having been to school in 20 years +. You made us feel at ease and there was no pressure. Us ladies felt comfortable in the classroom and out on the range. You made us feel like one of the guys and that was a good thing. "L" also wanted me to comment to you that she is thankful to have you as an instructor and not the other school. You will know what she is talking about. Take care of yourself and we will see you in 5 years for our renewal. We all got our paperwork turned in and now we are waiting for the permits. Thank you again.

  • W.D. Reno, Nv.: "JD is extremely knowledgeable and the course was very through. I would recommend that this be used by more people.

  • K. F. Reno, Nv.: "JD Weiss is a professional and friendly instructor. Being a woman and not exposed to guns, I have never fired much less held a gun in my life and I was very nervous on the day of the training class. JD came to our home and we had a very small private class. We received very through instruction and I was able to ask a lot of questions and never felt dumb for any of them. JD showed us examples of what-to and what not-to-do scenarios and helped correct any bad positioning of hands and stances. We would recommend anyone wanting a private class to contact Weicor for a professional and educational guns and safety class. Thanks JD, I now have the confidence to protect myself and my family if I'm ever forced into a situation where I must."

  • Chuck, Nevada: We all enjoyed the class. Monty kept things interesting and I probably even learned something. My renewal is processed and waiting for me at the Lyon county sheriff allready. The other two apps are in process and had no problems filing with the sheriff. Thanks.

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  • Linda in Reno, Nv: "JD is an exceptional photographer who takes beautiful photos. Great web site!"

  • MC in Ontario, Canada: "Fast Shipment! Great Transaction! Highly recommend!"

  • BR in Reno, Nv: "JD takes GREAT pride in his work! Will buy again!"

  • Alice in Reno, Nv: "I fell in love with the Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay photo! It's now hanging on my living room wall, along with several other photographs JD has taken.".

  • Mary in Miami, Fl: "Weicor has GREAT customer service! I was devastated when UPS delivered the photo mailer tube from my first order. It was crushed and bent; the photo was damaged beyond use. I was VERY upset when I called and explained the problem. I was told my replacement will be given priority status and reprinted. Five days later the reprinted photo arrived. Needless to say, as I'm writing this, UPS just delivered my 10th photo order. I'm VERY satisfied and recommend Weicor to my friends, some of which also ordered prints. I proudly display the photos in my office and home!"

  • FR in NYC, NY: "There are some GREAT photographs on this web site and the price is competitive. I'll definitely order again."

  • George in Dallas, Tx: "I purchased the Holland Windmill photograph by Wolfgang "Fritz" Grossmann. It looks fantastic in my den. Thank you."

  • William in London, England: "Smashingly good photography. I love the photograph of the wild mustang in Storey County. My neighbors want one too."

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  • RS in Reno, Nv: "I'm a model and I needed a replacement portfolio quickly for a job interview. My original was stolen out of my car the morning of my appointment. The service provided by Weicor's photographer was exemplary! JD Weiss was very professional and did an excellent job photographing, editing and printing my replacement in time for my interview. I GOT THE JOB! Thanks JD."

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  • GF in Reno, Nv: "A little over 1 year ago I had Weicor, LLC photograph my possessions. This past summer (2004) my home was destroyed in a wild fire and I lost everything, including my inventory photos. When the photos were taken, I was hesitant to contract with Weicor to maintain copies of them. I didn't want to spend the extra money. I'm glad I listened to JD when he explained how it was cheap insurance if my copies were lost, stolen or destroyed. Thanks to the photographs taken by JD and Weicor, my home has been rebuilt and just about everything has been replaced, or is in the process of being replaced. The insurance company even paid for several items they would not have paid for without the photos proving they were in the house. Was it worth a few bucks a month to have Weicor store my photos? YOU BET IT WAS!"

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  • CL in Orlando, Fl: "I sold my home four years ago to a nice young couple who had trouble getting financing. I did owner financing, holding the note. Every month, I received payments from them like clock work. My wife had been ill for several years and passed away a few months ago. I'm on a fixed income and between what we had saved and those monthly payments; it still wasn't enough to pay the medical bills. I had no idea I could sell that note until I spoke with JD Weiss. Long story made short, JD assisted me in selling the note. I received more then enough money to pay the medical bills and I was able to invest the rest. Now, I can live comfortably for the rest of my life. Thank you JD!"

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    Toll Free Phone Service

  • J. Bimini, Miami Fl.: "In the last three months since purchasing my low cost toll free phone number from Weicor and Kall 8, my home based business has doubled! I never thought a simple thing like a toll free telephone number could make that much difference. Setup was simple and the online account manager could not be easier to use. I have complete control over the operation of my toll free number. I can even block a repeat misdialed number which saves money. JD, thanks for offering this service. I'm referring my business contacts to you."

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